Q. What is the Cost of Medicine?

Q. Is there CT-Scan & MRI Facility is available in Hospital?

Q. Is ther any special facility for Diabetic Patients?

Q. Timings of Patients visiting Hours?

Q. Is 24 Hours Coverage to the Patients is given?

Q. What is the Admission & Discharge Process?

Q. Blood Bank Facility in Hospital?

Q. There any Dialysis facility working in the Hospital?

Q. Is there any Liver Clinic in the Hospital?

Q. How to file a complaint?

Q. What services are provided here except the clinical services & Facilities?

Q. In case of ENT & Eye Emergency where one should go?

Q. In case of emergency where to Go?

Q. What facilitates are present for AIDS Patients?

Q. What specialized ENT & Eye related diagnostic facilities are present in Hospital?